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Leslie Bosch, PhD

“During my transition from one job to the other, I was struggling with self-confidence. I was hesitant to try coaching because I didn’t know what to expect. However, working with Kathleen was delightful! Her warm and charming presence coupled with her straightforward method facilitated my process of self-discovery and, ultimately, strengthen my confidence. Her book is excellent, too. The exercises are practical and the examples useful. I really like the illustrations, which shed light on the concepts and bring a lightheartedness to the process. Kathleen believed in me until I was able to believe in myself! If you’re struggling with something, give Kathleen a call. I highly recommend her services.” ~ Leslie Bosch, PhD

Marsha Drozdoff

“As a highly respected Clinical Social Worker, group facilitator, teacher and preceptor in the Tucson community, I am delighted to recommend Kathleen Pickrel to work with you and/or your team. She is one of the most authentic and inspiring women personally and professionally with whom you will definitely feel confident in working with. Her high level of compassion and skill have helped her clients who were often dealing with life threatening conditions and dire psychosocial circumstances to rediscover hope, to resolve what appeared to be insurmountable difficulties, to achieve behavioral changes and strategies, to develop healthier coping strategies and to manifest greater wellness. Kathleen works tirelessly for her clients and is amazing at locating needed resources. Kathleen will help you individually or as a company to achieve new successes, reach for greatness and manifest the best that is possible.” ~ Marsha Drozdoff

Kristen Walker, MS, PHR

“I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen recently in a leadership coaching capacity. She is an incredible listener who has a keen ability to foster the right environment for change, learning and personal growth. She has a reasonable and practical approach to her clients and a knack for bringing out the best in leaders. Her professionalism and warmth allowed me to immediately connect with her so learning and growing occurred in each session. She uncovers roadblocks and helps her clients reach better outcomes quickly. I recommend Kathleen to new and experienced leaders looking to improve their work and personal lives.”

~ Kristen Walker, MS, PHR

Tandra Goodwin,
Tucson, Arizona

“I was struggling with the death of two sisters, one from Covid-19. My husband was also diagnosed with PTSD from the Vietnam War and spent time in the Psychiatric Unit at the VA hospital. My life was a mess and I couldn’t figure a way out of the turmoil. I reached out to a friend who had worked in the Healthcare field in Tucson for many years. She recommended I contact Kathleen Pickrel for a session to see if she could help.Wow…that was a good decision. Kathleen was able to identify what was going on with me and recommend reading material and strategies to help. After several sessions I can honestly say I feel like a different person. Not only has my rage and depression dissipated but I have a new healthier outlook for the future. My relationships with my family have improved and I can honestly say I’m happy. Thank you so much Kathleen for helping me in my time of need. I have and I do recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving their life and achieving goals.”

~ Tandra Goodwin, Tucson, Arizona

Choose Congruency provides coaching, mentoring, and support to help you clarify goals and then create a path to successfully achieving those goals.

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