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Choose Congruency Podcast E7: “Jana Suchy & Nadia Larsen; The Pink Ribbon Boudoir for Breast Cancer Survivors Project”

Choose Congruency Podcast E6: “Darcy Dunker; Exploring strengths-based coaching and how this approach can help you to succeed in business and in life!”

Choose Congruency Podcast E5: “Debra Anne Melkun; Shifting from “Simply Surviving” to Truly Thriving”

Choose Congruency Podcast E4: “Dr. Leslie Bosch; Top 10 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail”

Choose Congruency Podcast E3: “Kristen Walker; ClearView Business Consulting”

Choose Congruency Podcast E2: “Heather Rosson & HelenMarie McCracken – Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”

Choose Congrunecy Podcast E1: “Kaitlyn Pickrel and Jessica Korff”

Podcast: “Tucson Means Business with Gayle, Ashley & Kathleen”
Podcast: “Stepping into the Fear”
Listen to the Growing Leaders ® Podcast with Kristen Walker and Guest Speaker Kathleen Pickrel!

Life After Loss – Chatting with Wisdom
What I learned From Ordering Coffee
The Man Who Was Shot in the Arm

Choose Congruency provides coaching, mentoring, and support to help you clarify goals and then create a path to successfully achieving those goals.

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Sometimes It Is Hard to Be Thankful

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