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Bring Kathleen in to help develop and empower your employees and in turn they will understand and learn to empower themselves.

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Clear Purpose

Work with Kathleen to turn clarity into prosperity. Success comes from clear thought + action – take action today with coaching sessions.

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HI, I’m Kathleen

For over 13 years, Kathleen Pickrel has worked with people both on an individual level and within a corporate structure, providing support, helping to clarify goals and establishing a framework to ultimately achieve those goals.

With her company, Choose Congruency, she works with individuals who want a crystal-clear vision and businesses that want great employees. This involves helping people and businesses become clear on where they are, where they would like to be, and the steps to help bridge the gap between those two. Kathleen has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).

“It is What It Is . . . Now What?! speaks to the heroic in the reader. In minutes you know you better summon some courage, expect some hard work, and do a bit of soul searching.  The multitude of successful examples and meaty workbook tell you, almost immediately, if you aren’t successful at whatever your heart’s desire after reading and applying what you learn, then YOU must be responsible for your choices.  She gives you a map that enables you to realize your dream, she talks back to your inner naysayers, and suggests videos, books, mentors, places, and ideas that all support you.

The book asks you to introvert and then mine your own inner gold.  It helps flush out obstacles and then plan the necessary action.  I love the quote, ‘if opportunity doesn’t knock, create a door!’ She cuts to the chase with simple and direct tools for transformation.

I met Kathleen in Toastmasters meetings  before she made all her personal changes and I must say she is a living testament to the importance and success one may find if the principles and practices she discusses are applied.

When you finish you know who you are, where you are going, and what to do to make it happen! Thank you Kathleen!”    – Gail A.

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